Boost your Sales Funnel with the bests AI Sales Specialists on the market

With Pinpo, leverage the power of Generative AI to engage leads and clients in natural conversations via SMS and WhatsApp


Top sales and marketing teams trust Pinpo to accelerate revenue

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Boost your sales machine performance


minimum additional productivity for teams


average increase in client conversion rates


more affordable than hiring a dedicated team

3 reasons to choose Pinpo


Boost your sales

Let your sales teams focus on high-value tasks while your AI Sales Specialists handle all your leads continuously.


Maximize your conversion

The responsiveness and availability of your AI Sales Specialists ensure the best reachability and conversion rates in the market.


Refine your marketing and sales strategies

Analyzing interactions between your leads and AI Sales Specialists provides deeper insights into their needs and your performance.

The best of
AI and Human

Explore the top-tier AI Sales Specialists, ready to integrate into your company.

Human supervision of the best generative AI allows you to harness all their power seamlessly, propelling your sales organizations into the future.


Stimulate your pipeline and convert your leads
like never before .

Pinpo Convert

AI Sales Specialists engage in real-time natural conversations with your leads via SMS and WhatsApp to qualify their projects and book appointments for your teams.

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    Engage in under 5 minutes
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    Available 7 days a week from 7 AM to 11 PM or at your preferred times

Pinpo Revive

Your AI Sales Specialists re-engage dormant or unreachable leads at the optimal times to identify new sales opportunities and generate additional appointments for your teams.

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    Strategic follow-ups of your lead and client databases
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    Maximize renewals, upsells, and cross-sells

Activate Pinpo with ease


Set up your account and connect your CRM

Connect your CRM, create your AI Sales Specialists, and let your teams benefit from all qualified information in their daily tools.


Enable lead qualification with full flexibility

Activate the solution based on your chosen scope: hours, marketing sources, products, pipeline... Your AI Sales Specialists integrate with all your business processes


Benefit from in-depth analysis

The data collected and analyzed help you refine your marketing and sales strategies, and optimize your investments.

Plug and play

Using marketing automation tools and/or a CRM ?
Pinpo integrates into your workflow in just a few clicks for a quick and easy start


You are in good company

Discover how companies like yours succeed and grow with Pinpo.



'Pinpo helped us boost our appointment rates and allowed our salespeople to focus on the most qualified leads.'

Flavie Fereira
Marketing et Communication Manager


'Pinpo allows us to schedule appointments at any time of day or night for our sales team.'

Charline Chapuis
Marketing et Communication Director

Crédit Agricole Immobilier

'Qualifying a lead via SMS is much less intrusive than by phone. Prospects respond more readily by SMS than by phone.'

Karine Tordjeman
Marketing and Sales Manager

Pinpo Commitments

Your data security first

Your data security and GDPR compliance are paramount to us. We adhere to the highest security standards to protect your leads and clients' information while strictly meeting GDPR requirements.

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    Support by our team as a subcontractor
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    Data hosted in Europe
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    Only essential data collected and processed
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