Pinpo maximizes the sales pipeline across all sectors

Our ready to plug AI Sales Specialists platform is deployed in various departments within numerous companies, and boosts the specific sales organizations of each industry


Innovation and Personalization in Insurance with Pinpo

Pinpo revolutionizes the Insurance sector by automating client engagement.
We qualify leads, handle inquiries, and facilitate policy subscriptions, making the process faster and more personalized for each customer.


Transform the Academic Experience with Pinpo

Pinpo enhances the experience of candidates and students through personalized interactions via SMS and WhatsApp, highly used channels by this audience.
The AI Sales Specialists increase conversion rates and support students throughout their academic journey.


Revolutionize Customer Engagement in Telecoms

Pinpo boosts customer acquisition and retention by engaging with lead bases in a personalized manner.
We significantly improve the customer experience, helping companies stand out from their competitors, thus increasing satisfaction and retention.


Health and Wellness: Personalize Your Approach with Pinpo

Pinpo facilitates appointment scheduling, patient follow-ups, and managing information requests, while maintaining high levels of personalization and confidentiality.


Drive Technological Innovation with Pinpo

Pinpo accelerates lead conversion into clients through relevant interactions.
Our tailored approach supports product launches, request management, and after-sales service, thereby boosting sales and customer satisfaction.


Optimize BPO Processes with Pinpo

Pinpo enhances the operations of BPO companies by improving the efficiency of sales and customer service processes.
Our technology enables personalized management of high volumes of interactions to support the performance of your teams.


Revolutionize Recruitment with Pinpo

Pinpo assists recruitment agencies in candidate qualification, interview scheduling, and prospect follow-up, making hiring processes more efficient than ever.


Reinvent the Travel Experience with Pinpo

Pinpo reinvents the customer experience in the travel sector by providing personalized real-time interactions.
The AI Sales Specialists facilitate travel planning, respond effectively to travelers' specific requests, thereby improving satisfaction and fostering customer loyalty. Never lose a client along the way again !


Personalize Personal Services with Pinpo

Pinpo personalizes customer engagement to improve order taking, service planning, and rigorous post-intervention follow-up, thereby ensuring an exceptional customer experience and fostering customer loyalty.


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'Pinpo has allowed us to increase our appointment rates and enabled our salespeople to focus on the most qualified leads.'

Flavie Ferreira.
Marketing et Communication Manager


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