Pinpo Convert : Instant Engagement, Maximum Conversion

Your AI Sales Specialist engages and schedules appointments with your leads in real time, within less than 5 minutes after their contact request.


Top sales and marketing teams trust Pinpo to accelerate revenue

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Discover why Pinpo Convert is essential.


Maximum Responsiveness

Responding to a lead within 5 minutes increases your chances of conversion by 21 times, according to a MIT study. Your AI Sales Specialist ensures this quick response, regardless of the amount of incoming leads.

Continuous Availability

With 40% of prospects generated in the evenings and weekends, your teams accumulate significant processing delays outside office hours. Your AI Sales Specialist seizes every opportunity immediately.

Sales Efficiency

Optimize every minute: your AI Sales Specialist frees up your sales teams, allowing them to focus exclusively on qualified leads ready to convert.

Popular Pinpo Convert

7-day Qualification from 7am to 11pm

Ensure real-time qualification of 100% of your incoming leads 7 days a week to maximize your commercial opportunities and team efficiency.

Evening and Weekend Overflow Qualification

Qualify and identify Sales opportunities when your teams are unavailable, increasing the number of appointments scheduled for your salespeople.

Qualification by Marketing Source

Your AI Sales Specialist tailors interactions with your leads based on their respective marketing sources (social media, landing page, advertising campaigns) for effective engagement.

Qualification by Product Sold

Your AI Sales Specialist customizes interactions with your leads based on the specific product or service, ensuring authentic and tailored conversations.

They already use Pinpo Convert

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'Pinpo has allowed us to increase our appointment rates and enabled our salespeople to focus on the most qualified leads.'

Flavie Ferreira.
Marketing et Communication Manager


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