Pinpo Revive : Unlock the Potential of Every Lead

Your AI Sales Specialist revitalizes your leads and maximizes your volume of sales opportunities without needing to generate more


Top sales and marketing teams trust Pinpo to accelerate revenue

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Discover why Pinpo Revive is essential.


Consistency and Time Savings

7 to 8 follow-ups per lead are recommended. 80% of teams do not go beyond 3 due to time constraints and lack of results. Your AI Sales Specialist handles these follow-ups and eliminates these obstacles.

Maximizing ROI

Improve the ROI of your acquisition channels by fully leveraging every generated opportunity.
Your AI Sales Specialist transforms your acquisition and appointment-setting costs into profits.

Maximum Sales Efficiency

Focusing on your existing leads and clients is easier and less expensive than acquiring new ones.
Your AI Sales Specialists reactivate them while your teams focus on mature opportunities.

Most used Pinpo Revive

Follow-up on Unreachable Leads

Re-engage unreachable leads and improve your results by using SMS and WhatsApp with best conversational practices. Don’t let potential opportunities slip away!

Follow-up on Dormant Leads

Awaken dormant opportunities and reintegrate these forgotten prospects into your conversion efforts. Boost your results without additional burden on your teams.

Accelerating Sales Opportunities

Give your team the ultimate push to transform ongoing opportunities into sales. Your AI Sales Specialists handle it and maximize your chances of success.

Customer Account Development

Reengage your clients at strategic moments to maximize their potential by offering renewals, complementary products, or additional services.

They already use Pinpo Revive

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Real Estate


'Pinpo allows us to schedule appointments at any hour of the day or night for our sales team.'

Charline Chapuis
Marketing et Communication Director


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