Your AI Sales Specialists for

Energy Professionals, your AI Sales Specialists instantly engage all your leads to boost your sales and maximize the ROI of your marketing investments.


Engage and interact continuously
with all your leads and customers


Accelerate your
sales funnel

Your AI Sales Specialists identify all your opportunities by interacting with all your incoming, dormant, unreachable, or immature leads, 7 days a week via SMS and WhatsApp.

Maximize the value
of your customers

Your AI Sales Specialists maximize your renewals, upsells, and cross-sells by engaging at key moments in your customers' lifecycle.

Optimize your investments

Your AI Sales Specialists analyze the collected data to provide precise analytics, enabling you to make informed decisions about all your investments.

Energy Professionals

Your Pinpo AI Sales Specialists engage your leads at crucial stages of their customer journey in personalized 1:1 conversations, maximizing commercial opportunities and delivering the best market experience

They work hand in hand with your sales teams and call center, allowing them to become the Dream Team you've always dreamed of


Lead Generators, Portals, and Comparators

Your Pinpo AI Sales Specialists engage your leads in personalized conversations to unveil their hidden potential, transforming a simple contact into a series of commercial opportunities.

Detect additional opportunities with a single lead, and obtain multiple opt-ins for your partners.
Make the most of every interaction, monetize more and better.


A ready-to-plug solution tailored to your needs

Energy Suppliers
Photovoltaic Panel Suppliers
Energy Comparators
Energy Brokers

They alerady use Pinpo

3 ScenariosCRM Cifacil

Financial Services


'Pinpo is an outsourced sales assistant. Pre-qualification via SMS is more accessible compared to the cost associated with setting up a call center'.

Thomas Jouan.
Digital Manager


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